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I help people invest in the green

enviro investmentMy new role I have decided to pursue involves helping people and investment companies invest in “green¬†projects” and “green companies”. There is a common misconception that investing in the environment is only good for the environment but not our wallets. Quite frankly this couldn’t be further from the truth. People are willing to pay premiums for products if it is at the benefit of the environment. So manufacturers have their costs lifted slightly, but their revenue can be lifted significantly.

Note: Before reading on I will make this post sticky so that everyone knows what I do and how I can help. If you want to follow along with the rest of my blog, then you will see the journey of how I learned how to both be in debt and pay off debt.

Ways To Invest

You might be sitting (standing) there thinking, “okay Jose, that’s great and all, but where do I even begin to become an environmental investor?” This is an especially important question for the small to medium sized investor, the average person and someone looking to do good with their money but still see financial growth.

Stock Market

The number one way, and obviously, the easiest way to invest in green companies from the NYSE or TSX. There are many, the trick is to both do your environmental homework as well as make a sound financial investment.

Direct Investment

Another option is simply find a local company with an environmental mission you believe in! A lot of companies are looking for funding, some even have rounds of investments where you can get in early and pick up a large amount of shares for the $10,000 mark. You just have to find that next great opportunity.

Well, Me Of Course!

Then, there’s me, Jose. What I do is create a “Green Marketplace” where I’ve pooled many green-focused companies together and created an investment pool. So that you have the option to invest in one “off the shelf” or we can create a portfolio of the ones you like the most.

Wondering what my story is? That’s fair. Read my about page and dive into my story a bit. Learn how someone that had an enormous amount of income was able to learn how to properly pay off debt and invest for himself.

If you’re still not convinced, check out this video of a Ted talk on Sustainable Investing. It should help clear any doubts up that you might still have: